Straying cattle law: What you need to know

Livestock law Jul 11, 2023

If you own or manage a farm, you may have encountered the problem of straying cattle. Straying cattle are those that wander off your property and onto someone else’s land, causing damage or nuisance. This can lead to disputes with your neighbors, legal liability, and loss of income.

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We will explain the straying cattle law in England and Wales, and what you can do to prevent and resolve straying cattle issues.

The straying cattle law is based on the principle of negligence. This means that if your cattle stray onto another person’s land, you are responsible for any harm or loss they cause, unless you can prove that you took reasonable care to prevent them from straying.

The law also gives the landowner the right to detain your cattle until you pay for the damage or agree to compensate them. However, the landowner must not mistreat your cattle or cause them unnecessary suffering.

The best way to avoid straying cattle problems is to ensure that your fences and gates are in good condition and secure. You should also check your boundaries regularly and repair any gaps or breaches as soon as possible.

You should also keep a record of your cattle movements and identification tags, so that you can easily locate and identify your animals if they stray.

If your cattle do stray onto someone else’s land, you should try to retrieve them as soon as possible and apologize to the landowner. You should also offer to pay for any damage or loss they caused, or negotiate a fair settlement.

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If you cannot reach an agreement with the landowner, you may have to go to court to resolve the dispute. In that case, you will need to provide evidence that you took reasonable care to prevent your cattle from straying, and that the landowner’s claim is exaggerated or unreasonable.

Straying cattle can be a headache for both farmers and landowners. By following the straying cattle law and taking preventive measures, you can reduce the risk of straying cattle issues and maintain good relations with your neighbors.

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