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Legal Aspects of Insect Farming: Regulations and Best Practices

Insect farming, a rapidly growing industry, is increasingly recognized for its potential in sustainable food production.

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The legal framework governing insect farming is evolving, particularly in regions like the European Union, where regulations are more established. The Novel Food Regulation in the EU plays a critical role in this regard, ensuring that all novel foods, including edible insects, undergo rigorous safety assessments before entering the market. Read More

Farm Animal Welfare Laws: A Closer Look at Goat Protection and Advocacy

Goats are among the most exploited and neglected farm animals in the world. They are used for their milk, meat, wool, and skin, often in harsh and cruel conditions. They are also subjected to painful procedures such as dehorning, castration, and tail docking without anesthesia or pain relief.

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In many countries, goats have little or no legal protection from abuse and neglect, and their welfare is largely ignored by the public and policymakers. Read More

Legalities of Urban Chicken Farming: Understanding City Ordinances and Zoning Laws

Urban chicken farming has gained popularity as more people seek sustainable living practices within city environments. However, navigating the legalities of keeping chickens in urban areas can be complex, as it involves understanding and complying with specific city ordinances and zoning laws.

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These regulations are in place to balance the interests of urban farmers with those of the community and the environment. Read More

Cheese, Milk, and the Law: Regulatory Frameworks for Goat Dairy Operations

Goat dairy operations have gained popularity for their contribution to artisanal cheese production and the production of specialty dairy products. However, these operations must navigate a complex web of legal regulations and requirements.

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We explore the regulatory frameworks that govern goat dairy operations, covering aspects such as milk quality standards, cheese production, and animal welfare. Read More

Straying cattle law: What you need to know

If you own or manage a farm, you may have encountered the problem of straying cattle. Straying cattle are those that wander off your property and onto someone else’s land, causing damage or nuisance. This can lead to disputes with your neighbors, legal liability, and loss of income.

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We will explain the straying cattle law in England and Wales, and what you can do to prevent and resolve straying cattle issues. Read More