Gecko Trade and Wildlife Trafficking: Legal Challenges in Combatting Illegal Exports

Wildlife law May 11, 2024

The trade in geckos and other wildlife faces significant legal challenges globally due to the complexities of wildlife trafficking and international legal frameworks aimed at combatting it.

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Legal efforts to regulate and prevent illegal exports and trade involve a myriad of international agreements and national laws that aim to balance wildlife conservation with legal trade practices.

The gecko trade, particularly involving species like the Tokay gecko, often falls into the murky areas of legal and illegal activities. These reptiles are frequently trafficked for their supposed medicinal values or as exotic pets, which puts considerable pressure on their wild populations. The legal trade is tightly regulated under international treaties such as CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), which monitors and regulates the international trade of wildlife species to ensure it does not threaten their survival.

Efforts to strengthen the legal framework against wildlife trafficking have seen significant international collaboration. For instance, recent developments include the proposal of new protocols under the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime to specifically address wildlife trafficking. This highlights a global recognition of the need to fill gaps in the existing international legal frameworks.

Moreover, the European Union has revised its Action Plan Against Wildlife Trafficking, emphasizing stronger sanctions and consistent application across its member states to combat this form of crime more effectively. This includes enhancing the legal framework to fight wildlife crimes more robustly within the EU and its associated trade policies.

On a broader scale, international bodies and coalitions continue to advocate for comprehensive legal measures that not only prevent trafficking but also ensure sustainable and legal wildlife trade. This includes improving enforcement mechanisms and fostering international cooperation among source, transit, and consumer countries.

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These ongoing legal and regulatory efforts are crucial in the fight against wildlife trafficking, aiming to protect species like the gecko from illegal trade practices while supporting conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.


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